Places of Interest in David, Panama

David is the laid back capital of the Province of Chiriquí on the west coast of the Republic of Panama. Known for its thriving agricultural sector the town is also called the breadbasket of Panama. A mere six hours away from Panama City David has attractions such as a museum and beaches. The town sees many visitors each year and is used as a stopover between Panama and Costa Rica by many backpackers. Of late the area has been discovered by retired persons from the North American and European continents. There are many fun ways to pass time in the town of David.

The Jose de Obaldia Museum of History and Culture is one of the attractions of the town of David. The museum is in the original home of Obaldia who was the founder of the province of Chiriquí. The museum has an exhibition of artifacts found at archeological sites around the area. Photos of live in the town over the decades are also exhibited. The building is also furnished with its original furniture and art work. The Museum also has a garden of herbs which were once used as traditional medicine which was once a very important aspect of the lives of the people of David. The Jose de Obaldia museum is opened daily and charges an entrance fee of US$1 per person. Students pay half price.

Playa Barqueta is one of the more popular beaches amongst locals and visitors alike. The beach is a short distance away from the main commercial area of David. The beach is near secluded and persons can swim, snorkel, sunbathe or simply relax with little or no disturbances. The Barqueta Beach is in the area known as the Barqueta wildlife reserve therefore the beach is not only a place for people to have fun and relax but a number of species of turtle also come to the beach each year to nest. The area has a vast number of the near 1000 bird species found in Panama.

In the middle of the busy town is the Parque Cervantes (Cervantes Park). The park presents an area to relax while shopping in town. Cervantes Park adds greenery to the town of David and beauty to the surrounding area. A good place to relax with the family or to take photos Cervantes Park is a monument in the town of David. There are local vendors around the park selling refreshing local fruit juices and tasty ice creams. A very popular drink in the town of David is freshly squeezed cane juice. There are shoe shiners available at the park.

The Gulf of Chiriquí National marine Park is located on the coat of David. The Park is home to many species of turtles, monkeys and birds. The green iguana is frequently seen lazing in the sun. Other than the lush tropical forest the park is also made up of reef and sandy beaches. The park itself has nineteen (19) coral reefs and 25 tiny islands. The reefs are home to different species of tropical fish and dolphins, humpback whales and giant rays. A number of species of turtle make the beaches of the national park their nesting ground each season.

Los Pozos de Caldera or hot springs are located on the outside of the town of David. These hot pools are a great way to remove stress and relax. The pools are in a private setting on private property a small fee is charged to enter the premises.

The town of David comes alive each year with the San Jose de David International Fair. The Fair involves exhibitions of the agricultural sector, cattle industry, artists, vehicle shows, local food and music. The festival runs each year in March. Participating countries come from the continents of Europe, South and North America.

David is a wonderful place to visit during any time of the year. The town is known for its friendly people and surroundings. Most people who visit David come back for more of the hassle free life that David is best known for. The Breadbasket of Panama David continues to grow as a town with lots of economic potential.